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One River Sangha helps you find relief, restoration, and rejuvenation through our holistic healing practices and meditation sessions. Close your eyes and count on us to bring harmony and health back to you!

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Specialized Therapies To Achieve Your Wellness Goals

One River Sangha provides professional therapies and wellness services to improve your quality of life. In our clean and peaceful therapy centre in Cambridge, we offer a variety of complementary health care services including Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Sotai, and Reiki. We also provide meditation sessions based on the principles of Buddhism to help people improve their cognitive health and emotional well-being. With gentle and steady practice, our holistic sessions instil a deep spiritual awakening and realizations. This helps you become a balanced and rational person in all aspects of your life!

  • Over 26 Years Of Excellence In Shiatsu Therapy Techniques

  • Trained, Skilled & Experienced Practitioners

  • Far Reaching & Long Lasting Therapeutic Benefits

  • High Quality Sessions At Affordable Prices

  • A Safe, Nurturing & Supportive Atmosphere

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In our hustle to survive every day, we fail to give our body and mind the ample time to unwind and recover. One River Sangha was created to allow people in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo find a place to relax and heal. One River Sangha is a proud member of The Shiatsu Therapy Society and Preventative Health Services Group. All our practitioners have graduated the 2200 hour Shiatsu Therapy program to offer exceptional clinical therapeutic techniques and Buddhist meditation sessions. Partner with our professional therapists to achieve your ultimate goal of health and wellness!

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Rediscover your inner strength and power with shiatsu therapy!

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