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One River Sangha reveals to you a new and effective way to live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life. Book our regular therapeutic therapies and meditation sessions and ease yourself up in our calm and restful environment!

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With our client focused approach to therapy, we help our customers customize a treatment that suits their lifestyle, health concerns, and age. All our treatments and therapeutic sessions are conducted in our private, sweet smelling lounge in an absolutely discrete, gentle, and comfortable manner.

Zen Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu Therapy is a unique, non invasive therapy designed to stimulate the body's inherent ability to heal itself. The therapy consists of applying manual pressure in moderation that helps assess and treat a variety of conditions. People of all ages including infants and children can experience lasting results from our therapeutic Shiatsu treatments. Shiatsu is also an important part of preventative or rehabilitation health care programs.

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Do you suffer from muscle stiffness due to bad postures or any past injury? Sotai, a Japanese form of movement therapy, can help you do away with muscular pain or stiffness anywhere in your body. The therapy consists of tactfully moving joints and muscles, a technique proven to help the body restore to its natural alignment. If you want to find relief from sprained ankles, tennis elbow, wry neck, whiplash, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, Sotai can help!

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A popular healing modality originated in Japan, Reiki techniques are utilized to attain various health and wellness goals. A completely risk free treatment, Reiki involves restoring the natural resistance power within the human body, thereby bringing clarity and peace. Reiki is used as an alternative treatment in many hospitals for its ability to promote better healing and recovery results in virtually any ailment, including diabetes and cancer.

Buddhist Meditation Community – Your Spiritual Retreat

Learn the art of spiritual upliftment and mindfully introspect your inner thoughts at our meditation classes. Our highly knowledgeable Buddhist practitioner will help you find relaxation and a new spiritual path in life that leads to health, happiness, and tranquillity.

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Join our specialized meditation classes to find your mental equilibrium and harmony!

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